Bare Bright – No.1 bright and shiny copper, no smaller than 16ga, free of any corrosion or contaminates.

#1 Copper – Clean, uncoated copper tubing/wire no smaller than 16ga, free of paint, solder, or other contaminates.

#2 Copper – Copper tubing/wire with copper connections or solder, burnt wire, hair wire. Must be free of brittle burnt wire, brass, iron, non-metallics, and insulation.

Insulated Copper Wire – Copper wire scrap with various types of insulation, purchased on the percentage of copper contained.



Yellow Brass – Shall consist of yellow brass solids including; brass castings, tubing, plated brass, faucets. Free of iron, zinc, shells, dirt, other nonconforming metals, non-metallics and excessively corroded materials.
Red Brass – Shall consist of red brass solids, including;  valves, machinery bearings, castings. Free of iron, zinc, dirt, other nonconforming metals, non-metallics and excessively corroded materials.



Brass/Copper Radiators – Mixed automobile radiators free of iron and other contaminates.
Aluminum/Copper Radiators – Radiators with aluminum fins on copper tubing, free of brass, iron, or other non-metallics. Usually found in air conditioning units.



304 Stainless Steel – Shall consist on non-magnetic, 304/ 18-8 stainless steel free of any iron, insulation or other contaminates. Usually found in dairy, hog, and food industries.



Sheet Alum – Clean alum sheet, free of foil, hair/screen wire, food or beverage containers, iron, insulation or other contaminates.
Cast Alum – Clean aluminum castings such as motor or transmission casings, free of iron, dirt, oil, or other contaminates.
Extruded Aluminum – Clean extruded aluminum such as window/door frames free of iron, stainless steel, brass, hinges/hardware, insulation or other contaminates.
Aluminum Turnings – Clean, uncorroded aluminum turnings/borings free of dirt, iron, oil, moisture and all other non-metallic items.
Aluminum Clip – Clean uncoated, unpainted, aluminum scrap no less than .38 mm thick free of oil, dirt, or other contaminates.
Aluminum Radiators – Clean aluminum radiators from automobiles or condensers. Must be free of iron, dirt and other contaminates.
ACSR – Aluminum wire scrap with various types of insulation. Purchased on the percentage of aluminum contained.
Aluminum Rims – 356 alloy aluminum, automobile wheels.  No steel, lead wheel weights or valve stems.



Batteries – Lead acid batteries from automobiles, tractors, etc. Does not include household/electronic batteries.
Electric Motors – Whole electric motors or dismantled parts that are copper wound such as alternators, starters. Must be free of any attachments, excessive iron, and water pumps, gear reducers, compressors.
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